Turning public spaces smart using solar power with Piotr Hołubowicz

Transforming Urban Spaces: The Solar-Powered Innovation of SEEDiA

Piotr Hołubowicz, CEO and Co-Founder of SEEDiA, embarked on an innovative journey to transform how we perceive and utilize public spaces, akin to how advanced purchasing software revolutionizes procurement processes. The idea behind SEEDiA emerged from his experience in a company dedicated to building charging stations, coupled with an acute awareness of the challenges in providing electricity and connectivity in public areas, much like the complexities handled by purchasing software in streamlining operations.

This realization led to a groundbreaking concept: solar-powered benches, marking the birth of a new era in urban development and the rise of smart cities, paralleling the transformative impact of purchasing software in business.

Pioneering Product Development Through Customer Feedback

From its inception, SEEDiA has placed a strong emphasis on incorporating customer feedback into its product development. This approach ensures that their designs not only resonate with potential clients but also meet the market's actual needs before significant investment in research and development. 

This strategy has been crucial in shaping it´s product lineup, making it relevant and adaptable to real-world applications.

Overcoming Solar Technology Challenges

One of the core challenges Hołubowicz highlights is the efficiency of solar-powered public furniture in various environmental conditions. SEEDiA addresses these challenges head-on by focusing on energy management and using different operational modes.

Extensive testing and optimization of solar panel performance are critical to their success, ensuring that these innovative products deliver consistent and reliable service, regardless of their environment.


Enhancing Urban Management through IoT Integration and Modular Customization

SEEDiA's products go beyond being mere solar-powered entities; they are integrated with Internet of Things (IoT) capabilities. This integration allows the collection and analysis of valuable data for smart city management, including user statistics, environmental conditions, and usage patterns. 

These insights are invaluable for city planners and administrators seeking to create more efficient and responsive urban environments.

A standout feature of SEEDiA’s technology is its modularity and customization. The products are designed to adapt to various end uses, whether it’s bike racks, scooter racks, benches, or other urban fixtures. 

This modularity extends to the integration of various sensors, such as those for humidity, temperature, and electrical output, making each installation uniquely suited to its specific location and purpose.

Navigating Market Challenges with Strategic Adaptability

Hołubowicz openly discusses the initial skepticism and challenges faced in convincing municipalities and clients of their products' value. 

Overcoming these obstacles required persistence, adaptability, and the ability to demonstrate the tangible benefits of their technology. Positive feedback and the proven utility of their installations have been key in gaining widespread acceptance and recognition.

Advice for Aspiring Entrepreneurs and Engineers

For young entrepreneurs and engineers, Hołubowicz offers sage advice: engage early with the market, embrace bravery, and remain steadfast in your ideas. He emphasizes the importance of market validation to ensure that innovations meet actual needs, underscoring the necessity of balancing technical expertise with market awareness.

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