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Building a successful business: lessons from Cogniteam´s founder Yehuda Elmaliah

Starting a business is not easy, and it takes a lot of effort and patience to succeed. However, the rewards that come with entrepreneurship are worth the struggle. Yehuda, founder of Cogniteam believes that the best way to learn entrepreneurship is by doing.

In this blog post, we will explore the insights and experiences shared by Yehuda, the importance of learning by doing and the challenges of the tech industry.

Learning by doing: the power of experience in entrepreneurship

Yehuda's journey is a testament to the power of passion, hard work, and persistence in entrepreneurship. With a technical background in computer science, he didn't learn entrepreneurship in school but instead through taking action and building his own company.

According to Yehuda, this hands-on approach is key to success, helping young entrepreneurs develop their skills and experience, learn from their mistakes, and ultimately find their way to success. 

While he advises learning a technical degree first to provide a solid foundation, he believes that taking action and building your products or services is essential to gaining valuable skills that can't be taught in a classroom.

It may be intimidating, but taking the leap and gaining experience through doing is the best way to become a successful entrepreneur. With hard work and perseverance, you can build the business of your dreams and make a real impact.

Learning by doing is an essential aspect of entrepreneurship, and it can help young entrepreneurs build their skills, experience, and confidence. Yehuda's journey is a shining example of the power of experience in entrepreneurship.

The challenges of the tech industry and how to overcome them

The technology industry is a dynamic and exciting field, but it also has its challenges. Yehuda stresses the need to stay ahead of the curve and be aware of new developments in the area. This requires a willingness to learn and adapt and a team capable of staying on top of new technology.

Another challenge in the industry is building a solid team and Yehuda emphasizes its importance. He understands that building a team with diverse skills and experience is essential for success. This includes finding individuals who are not only technically skilled but also have strong communication and problem-solving skills.

Despite its challenges, Yehuda remains optimistic about the future. He believes companies can succeed and thrive in this exciting field with the right team, mindset, and approach. By staying ahead of the curve, building a solid team, and adapting to new technology, businesses can overcome the industry's challenges and succeed.


Cogniteam and the importance of focusing on customer needs 

Cogniteam is a cutting-edge company that makes innovative products for the robotics and AI industry. They started out making robots to help people with everyday tasks, but they soon realized that the market was full of big players, so they switched gears and focused on making B2B solutions instead. A smart move because they've been super successful ever since.

One of the reasons for Cogniteam's success is its commitment to listening to its customers and delivering what they want. This approach has enabled them to develop various innovative products, such as their cloud-based robotic mission management solution, Nimbus. With Nimbus, users can remotely manage their automated fleets in real-time using advanced mapping, navigation, and decision-making algorithms.

Cogniteam also makes high-quality robots, like Pengo and Lynx, perfect for indoor and outdoor R&D projects, and the Hamster V8, great for small-scale indoor R&D. These robots are customized with sensors and software to fit each application.

They company offers versatile solutions across a variety of sectors, such as agriculture, where they employ cutting-edge technologies such as machine learning and computer vision to assist farmers in enhancing their crop productivity.

Cogniteam's R&D robots have been used in some cool case studies, like electric power plant surveying, indoor R&D, and even transporting onions from pickers to a central location. They're always improving their products and services based on customer feedback, keeping them ahead.

Cogniteam is an excellent example of how important it is to listen to your customers and adapt to their needs. Their journey from robotics to B2B solutions is a testament to that.

Advice for future entrepreneurs

Yehuda has several pieces of advice for entrepreneurs. One of the essential pieces of advice is to focus on customer needs and feedback. He also emphasizes the importance of building a solid and adaptable team capable of staying on top of new technology.

Yehuda advises future entrepreneurs to focus on identifying real problems in the B2B market and creating solutions to solve them. He emphasizes the importance of thinking creatively and finding gaps in the industry to develop solutions that meet the market's needs. He believes that if you can provide a solution, there may be others with the same idea who could implement and sell it.

Another piece of advice is to learn by doing. Yehuda believes that the best way to gain the experience needed to become a successful entrepreneur is by taking action, building products or services, and putting yourself out there.

In today's digital age, purchasing software and procurement processes have become essential for businesses. Staying ahead of the curve and being aware of new developments in technology is crucial for success. By utilizing technology to streamline and automate purchasing and procurement processes, businesses can save time and money while also improving accuracy and efficiency.

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