Smarter Surgeries Everywhere with Anthony Fernando

Senhance: the game-changer in surgery, empowering surgeons with expertise and precision

The field of medicine has witnessed significant transformations as technology and robotics advance. The healthcare industry is crucial in developing innovative medical technologies and solutions that improve healthcare delivery and patient outcomes, enhancing the quality of life for individuals worldwide.

Asensus Surgical is a leading medical technology company committed to advancing the field of surgery. By prioritizing collaboration and integrating technology with human expertise, they develop and deliver innovative surgical solutions to surgeons worldwide, driving the future of surgery.

In this blog post, we will take a closer look at one revolutionary technology changing how surgeries are performed - Senhance. We'll delve into the insights shared by Anthony Fernando, President & CEO of Asensus Surgical, and we'll gain a deeper understanding of the impact of their revolutionary approach to surgical technology. 

How Senhance Empowers Surgeons with Years of Expertise and Enhanced Precision

Anthony discussed the Senhance, a revolutionary technology that enables surgeons to use their years of experience and expertise without retraining. Surgeons can perform surgeries using Senhance technology and don't have to start from scratch. 

The Senhance platform is a game-changer in the medical industry, allowing surgeons to perform surgeries more efficiently and effectively. The plattform ensures that surgeons are comfortable and familiar with the procedure, resulting in better patient outcomes. With Senhance, surgeons can leverage their skills and experience to perform at their best and provide patients with top-notch care.


Unlocking the future of surgery with Senhance: the multi-port robotic platform with augmented intelligence

Senhance is a multi-port robotic platform designed to mimic the most common surgical technique globally - laparoscopy. It stands out as the world's first system with augmented intelligence built into it through an intelligent surgical unit.

This technology offers haptic feedback, allowing the surgeon to feel what they touch with the instrument. Eye-tracking camera control enables the surgeon to control one instrument with the left hand, another with the right hand, and the camera with their eyes.

Moreover, Senhance is cost-effective compared to other offerings on the market, making it a game-changer for the surgical industry.

Anthony pointed out that the Senhance platform has integrated augmented intelligence through an intelligent surgical unit, which provides various distinctive features that allow surgeons to perform surgeries more efficiently and effectively. 

The platform includes haptic feedback, which enables surgeons to feel their instruments, and eye-tracking camera control, which allows them to move the camera with their eyes and multitask during surgeries. These and other features make Senhance a highly advanced and innovative platform for surgical procedures.

Behind the scenes of Senhance: the complexities of designing and manufacturing a revolutionary medical device

Designing and manufacturing a medical device such as Senhance is a highly complex process that involves a global team and multiple R&D centers. The team is responsible for developing the device designs, manufacturing, testing, qualifying, and installing it end-to-end. The Senhance platform is manufactured in Italy, undergoing rigorous testing before being shipped to customers.

The medical device industry has unique challenges, and Senhance technology is no exception. One of the critical challenges is supply chain management, which involves selecting the right components while designing the system and ensuring that the supplier can provide them for at least five to ten years, with some guarantee, especially on critical items.

Anthony emphasized that the production of Senhance is a highly complex process that requires a dedicated and skilled team. The team can face significant challenges in managing the procurement and supply chain, including selecting the right components, purchasing software while designing the system, and ensuring that the supplier can provide them for at least five to ten years, with some guarantee, especially on critical items.

Nevertheless, the team at Senhance is dedicated to delivering a high-quality product and constantly strives to innovate and improve.

Golden advice for aspiring entrepreneurs: patience, commitment, and a willingness to evolve

Anthony advises aspiring entrepreneurs who want to make a difference in healthcare. He emphasizes patience, commitment, and belief in your solution. Building a successful company takes time, and the industry is no exception. You must be open to feedback and willing to evolve your solution.

According to Anthony, staying humble and receptive to change is critical for growth and success. Entrepreneurs should listen carefully to feedback from clients and stakeholders to improve their products and deliver a superior solution. Despite the challenges, he encourages entrepreneurs to stay the course and believe in what they do, keeping the ultimate goal of providing a good solution for people in mind.

Digital solutions in healthcare: unlocking the potential of AI, machine Learning, and data

Healthcare has excellent potential in digital adaptation with AI, machine learning, data, and cloud solutions. Despite privacy and security concerns, there is a shift towards digital solutions, and many companies have already begun this journey with room for growth and innovation.

Anthony discussed the potential of digital adaptation, with technologies like AI, machine learning, and cloud solutions at the forefront. While the industry has needed to be faster to adopt these advancements due to concerns around privacy and safety, there is a shift towards digital solutions. He believes this presents an excellent opportunity for growth and innovation, with exciting prospects for businesses to leverage data and digital solutions to improve healthcare delivery and patient outcomes.

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