Autonomous drone platforms with Bentzion Levinson

Heven Drones: the potential of autonomous and customized drone platforms

Heven Drones is an innovative drone technology provider specializing in developing and manufacturing cutting-edge hardware and software for autonomous and actionable drone platforms. The company prides itself on creating highly customized drones for various industries, from defense and homeland security to agriculture, delivery, and enterprise.

This blog post will share Bentzion Levinson's, founder & CEO, insights and advice regarding his challenges and entrepreneurial journey. We will also take a closer look at Heven Drones and the potential of drones in the future.

Dream big, believe and push through

Ben's advice to "dream big, believe, and push through" packs a powerful punch for entrepreneurs in any industry. It means aiming high, having faith in your abilities, and persevering even when faced with obstacles.

An essential element of entrepreneurial success is having a big vision and powering through roadblocks.  Ben recounted how he and his team defied the odds and launched a groundbreaking drone delivery service. Despite facing numerous skeptics who doubted the feasibility of their idea, they remained steadfast in their belief in themselves and their vision.

Transforming challenges into opportunities: the entrepreneurial growth

As an entrepreneur, you are bound to face hurdles on your path to success. For instance, finding the right software and strategies can be challenging but can help you achieve your goals more quickly and efficiently. You can track inventory, manage orders, and streamline procurement processes with the right purchasing software, using the free time and resources, to focus on other critical aspects of your business.

However, as Ben points out, these challenges can also present opportunities for growth and learning, raising essential questions: what can you learn from these experiences? how can you use these challenges to refine your goals and strategies?

Ben emphasized that challenges are an integral part of the entrepreneurial journey and should be embraced as opportunities for growth and learning. He explained that these challenges help entrepreneurs refine their goals and strategies and improve their performance.

Ben shared examples of overcoming challenges in his business, such as adapting to regulatory changes and shifting market demands. He encouraged other entrepreneurs to face challenges head-on, not be discouraged by them, but view them as opportunities to learn and grow.


Soaring to success: building a supportive community and cultivating a culture of excellence 

Ben knows that building a support network of peers and mentors is crucial for success in any industry, including the drone industry. He believes having a community of like-minded individuals can help you stay motivated, share ideas, and overcome obstacles.

He understands the importance of setting high standards for yourself and your team. Leading by example, working hard, and staying focused on your goals can inspire your team to do the same.

Ben's principles of discipline, dedication, and a strong work ethic have helped him build a successful business. He encourages other entrepreneurs to follow suit and put these principles into practice in their businesses. With a supportive community and a commitment to excellence, anything is possible in the drone industry.

Flying beyond: how drones' potential goes beyond data collection and into the future

Ben has a vision of drones that go beyond data collection and work autonomously in construction, agriculture, logistics, and solar farms. Longer flight times are critical, and they are developing hydrogen drones with a neurodynamic design that can handle specific tasks and scale in extreme weather conditions.

Ben emphasized that hydrogen drones are cheaper long-term because of sourcing and their longevity. The hydrogen system can lift seven kilograms or about 15 pounds of payload. They are also launching new products that will lift to 100 kilograms. The hydrogen fuel cell is the key to achieving longer flight times and scalability.

With hydrogen fuel technology, Ben believes drones will be highly valuable in multiple fields, making the drone industry an exciting development with vast possibilities. Despite past challenges, current technological advancements are overwhelming and promise a bright future for the industry.

The entrepreneurial journey: from convincing investors to delivering COVID Tests with drones

Ben highlights that starting a company as a CEO and founder is a challenging journey that requires a lot of effort to build a product, start a business, and assemble a team while convincing investors, customers, and key employees to join the journey. He emphasizes the importance of having amazing people on the team to make the journey less lonely and more manageable.

The COVID-19 pandemic presented an exciting opportunity for the drone industry to use its technology for COVID test deliveries, making Ben's company the first in Israel and possibly the world to do so. It was an opportunity to gain exposure and utilize their team's talents for the COVID world.

Ben notes that the pandemic underscored the importance of digital solutions and remote work, and companies that had already adapted to this way of operating had an advantage. He concludes that the challenges of running a company will persist, but it is vital to be aware of what is working and what is not and always strive to break through the glass ceiling.

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